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Structured Project Finance/
Petrochemical Products DIV/
​Alternative Energy
Humanitarian Project Fund/
Consultancy & Management
International Trade/
Metal & Mineral Resources/
Research, Design & Engineering / Financial Services
Machinery Equipment LS&FC

Structured Project Finance

MG Power, A division of MACH GLOBAL POWER  is a Financial Consultancy and Financial Service Company and their proficiency is commendable in this business. Mach Global Power transcendence is due to its global friends and influence, experience and professionalism, and, knowledge and resourcefulness to create the proper platform to satisfy the requirements of the client’s endeavor, tasks, and interest.・・・

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Petrochemical Products DIV

Major ActiLNG/natural gas and Crude Oil and other oil and gas derivatives are one of the core businesses of the Diamond Energy Business Division collaborating with MG Power International. vities in Petroleum Products・・・・


​Alternative Energy

MG Power Group , Divolta LLC & First World Capital Ltd. (“Divolta Capital Group”) together with ERG Partners and the successor in interest to Electric Resource Group, Inc. (ERG), which was co-founded by its Executive Director - CEO, Mr. Manoel B. Banawa which has been operating since 1981 in Los Angeles, California, ・・・・・

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USD 20 Million Grant-In-Aid Program from Japanese Government

USD 60 Million Grant-In-Aid
Maritime Training School for Filipino Mariners 
Lucena, Pangasinan and Zamboanga Provinces’ Fishing Ports・・・・


Investment Project

MGPower supports these courageous entrepreneurs through financing, and as part of MGPower's incubation system, investments are made based on a close examination of the person's qualifications and business ideas, even at the seed, start-up and venture stages.・・・


International Trade

The MG Power - flagship company of MG Power International Trading Group, provides trading services for several items such as oil and gas products, ・・・・


Consultancy & Management

From engineering consulting to complete design and construction management, our Development Team in collaboration with ・・・・


​Metal Mineral Resources

MG Power Group , Precious Metals & Mineral Resources Division seeks to expand in the Gold and Precious Metals business, iron ore, steam coal, metallurgical coal, and other mineral products through its business partnerships and


Machinery  Equipment  leasing &leasing & FInance

MG Power Group  through its Chairman - CEO - Director Noel B. Banawa with offices in the United States of America, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Kingdom of Cambodia, and The Philippines is embarking in the sale and


Research ,Design & Engineering 

Here at MG Power Group , we take pride in our ability to provide clients with a one-stop-shop plethora of building and design expertise in Architecture, Structural Engineering, Project Management, and M.E.P  services.


Financial Services

Mach Global Power Group is partnering with Visa International, Master and other card mainstream companies and banks to launch a card issuing business with our unique service.・・・・・

We support With Your Venture Spirits 

We believe that new businesses can be created by constantly looking at advanced businesses and combining them with traditional businesses. Companies need to change and develop their businesses to keep up with the times.

The MGPower Group supports such new business ventures and also supports the government in developing the infrastructure of the country.

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