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Financial Services

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Loan Outline

Mach Global Power has a finance company (USA,ENGLAND, &ASIA-PACIFIC REGION) as a subsidiary, which provides equity-backed loans to listed companies in Asia. Squadron Holdings, Ltd. is an affiliate and partner company of Mach Global Power, which is also engaged in the financing business.

Characteristically, MG Power Group and Squadron have management teams with diverse backgrounds in law, banking, and international finance, and have extensive experience in financial transactions and asset management.

In addition, MG Power Group's Project Finance Division provides long-term loans or sovereign guarantees for national projects in Asia, Africa, and the EU.

Our loan programs can be executed quickly and confidentially in as little as 3 to 7 business days, and are secured by listed company stock.

About stock loan

MG power is able to provide loan placements ranging from $500,000 to $50,000,000. By capitalizing through investments, equity loans, or other liquidity and financing transactions, owners of publicly traded shares gain the flexibility to access the locked-up value of their freely traded equity positions.

The equity trading program is designed specifically for companies, their employees, officers, and principal shareholders of publicly traded companies, providing you with complete privacy.

The financing process is fast, transparent, and completely confidential. Funding can be used for personal or business purposes, or to diversify or hedge your current equity position. Funding can be completed in as little as 3-7 business days.

The terms of the liquidity


provision and funding are based on an assessment of the risk and future performance of the securities involved in the transaction. Transaction terms are typically three years, with quarterly or semi-annual interest or maintenance fees.

Funding and liquidity arrangements and offerings are interest-only or with a nominal maintenance fee and, in addition, are non-recourse. Funders can easily walk away at any time without any personal or corporate guarantees. i

n the event of default, Squadron does not report to credit bureaus or government agencies, nor does it give public notice. Nor are there any adverse circumstances. As a result, we have earned our clients' trust.



Advantages of using the MG power funding setting:
- Rapid Funding and Transactions
- Non-recourse
- No personal or corporate collateral
- No credit report in case of default
- Strictly private and confidential
- Quick closing
- Reduces need for traditional bank financing
- No cash payment costs and no prepayment fees
- Low interest rates and maintenance fees
- Fair determination of stock price using 3-day or 5-day averages
- Flexible contract terms
- Large transactions are possible

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