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Gold,Metal & Mineral Resources Division

MG Power Group & Diamond Point Ltd. Group Gold, Precious Metals & Mineral Resources Division seeks to expand in the Gold and Precious Metals business, iron ore, steam coal, metallurgical coal, and other mineral products through its business partnerships and relationships with mining companies, as well as, in the buy and sell of gold products and as well as to supply its major European, American, and Chinese state-owned enterprises and trading activities, particularly, in Mainland China. In upstream sectors, Diamond Point Ltd. Group is also involved in areas such as gold and other precious metals and mineral trade operations, including, iron and steel products, and other downstream sectors. Our Diamond Point Ltd. Metals Group Division is also pursuing operations in innovative fields such as new energy development.


The world's biggest gold traders hosts a deep and liquid gold market, and long-standing and liquid exchange trading of gold futures. There are also a large number of precious metals refineries based in Japan, many of which are owned by the same industrial groups that also operate the Japanese gold trading entities involved in banking, brokering and investment activities connected to the wider OTC gold market. Through our Japan Office, we are also pursuing gold trade, besides our European and American partners, including, in The Asia Pacific and ASEAN Region.

MG Power Group & Diamond Point Ltd. group of buyers and sellers


Gold futures trading volumes

We, at MG Power Group & Diamond Point Ltd. claims to be East Asia’s most liquid gold market. The Exchange’s Standard 1kg gold futures contract is well-known internationally and based on price data is sometimes included in gold price discovery analysis along with the price data of the larger London and New York gold markets.

However, annual trading volumes in the Standard gold futures contract have been in decline for nearly all of the 2000s, for example, from an annual traded volume of 26.6 million contracts in 2003, gold futures trading volume fell to 12.2 million contracts in 2010, and fell even further to 8.7 million contracts in 2014 (approximately 8,700 tonnes)[8].

The Gold Mini contract recorded annual trading volume of over 5 million contracts in 2008 and 2009, but by 2014, comparative contract volume only reached 1.4 million contracts. Since trading in the Gold Rolling Spot futures contract only began in May 2015, there are few comparative trading statistics, but the monthly trading volumes have registered between approximately 200,000 and 300,000 contracts per month since launch.

Most broker members in Japan that trade precious metals include Credit Suisse Securities Japan, Newedge Japan, Evolution Japan, Hoxshin Bussan Co, and Phillip Securities Japan.


Trade and affiliate members include Barclays Securities Japan, Sumitomo, ICBC Standard Bank, Goldman Sachs Japan, Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Nissan Century Securities, and Kanetsu Shoji.

Going forward, Diamond Point Ltd. Metals Group division will continue to operate and promote profitable projects where it can leverage MG Power Group & Diamond Group’s strengths, and extend and develop its trading activities, from a medium- to long-term perspective.

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Meeting with our colleague, Mr. Shimon Azulay (seated left picture)  from  Los Angeles, California, USA and Israel, and Noel Banawa (as shown seated right) taken in Manila, The Philippines, 2022

Pictured: Noel holding gold bar

from mountain gold, taken 2021

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MG Group Director Makes Volunteer Donation

with GOLD Transaction Funds

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