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MG Power Group (“MG Power”) is a division of MACH GLOBAL POWER ("MACH Power")
Group of Companies network. MG Power offers high-value-added services in a broad range of business field


MG Power primary businesses are related to the global trading industry of:

  • Jet Fuel, Oil, Gas, and other Oil Derivatives

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Pharmaceuticals and medical products

  • Agri-Business - fisheries Products,  and Technology

  • Mineral Products

  • Gold and Other Precious Metals

  • Diamonds and Precious Stones

  • Industrial Products and Commodities

Other important functions of MG Power includes the development of:

  • Marketing

  • Distribution

  • Materials Procurement

  • Technology Transfer Product

  • Structured Project Finance, Sovereign Guarantees, and Sovereign Bonds

  • Mergers and Acquisition

  • Consultancy, Management, and International Trade and Cooperation

The MG Power - Diamond flagship company of MG Power International Trading Group, provides trading services for several items such as oil and gas products, and as shown inthe lists of our activities and manages a portfolio of over 10 subsidiaries and affiliates as well as a diversified range of investments. Headquartered in the United Kingdom with Europe Offices in the Isle of Man and operating in the USA, and in the Asia Pacific and ASEAN countries led by its Philippine Asia Pacific Regional offices, the company is involved in a wide variety of businesses, with particular strength in the eight divisions: oil and gas, machinery & equipment, metals & minerals, energy, coffee, and choco products, general products, general construction & financial business, and services.

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