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History of Mach Global Power (Asia-Pacific)

- Divolta LLC - USA

JAXOR Development Corporation - Electric Resource Group ("JAXOR - ERG") was established in the 1990s in the U.S.A. at its owned office Building in Los Angeles, California, USA and an architectural - engineering and consultancy division with offices in Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA and re-established as Divolta LLC,  USA and became a financial consultancy and management, architectural - consulting - engineering and an international trade and development organization, taking advantage of that fast-expanding market. In the year 2021, Mach Global Power - Divolta LLC - USA took over the operations of some of its business nicknames since its founding as MG Power Divolta. In that year, it spun off its own operations department as MG Power Divolta.

MG POWER GROUP was established in the Philippines (formerly D' Royalty Liner  & Trucking Co.) in 1966 with offices at its Banawa Estate, Sta. Ines, Bacolor, Pampanga, the Philippines and then in Manila in 1972 followingly at its SN Office Building in Sakai City, Osaka, Japan under its SN Group of Companies (SN refers to Sanji and Noel). In the early 1980s Mr. Manoel Banawa went to the United States of America to established Electric Resource Group, Inc. (ERG) and Eurobancapital of America LLC at its owned office

building headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA with branches in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, Japan, and at its Asia-Pacific Region in Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines and Europe Offices in England with offices in the United States of America England - Wales and Europe offices in the Isle of Man. Diamond Group are members of the Diamond Point Ltd. - Diamond Point Global Ltd. Group of Companies headquartered in England with Europe operations in the Isle of Man and Delaware State,

United States of America. and with worldwide offices and representations and the successor in interest to ERG Partners established in 1981 and Electric Resource Group, Inc. (“ERG”) which had been operating since 1994 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America has expanded tremendously in recent years, doing projects in the third world and developing countries respectively in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Kingdom of Cambodia, Mainland China, Asia-Pacific Region, The United States of America, and England. Followingly, one of Mr. Manoel Banawa's company with its British partners was established in the United Kingdom and Wales under 

Diamond Point Ltd. (A United Kingdom-based company established on July 23, 1992) to achieve self-reliant and sustainable development. Diamond Group maintain offices in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Kingdom of Cambodia, 

United Kingdom, and the United States of America, the firm was originally organized to engaged in the oil and gas trade, and to develop, own, and operate alternative energy facilities - primarily electric co-generation plants, and power storage systems, including, in particular, in waste reprocessing and Plasma Gasification as well as, in biomass projects in the Asia-Pacific region, and in the United States of America.  Diamond Point Ltd. in partnership with Diamond Group Division is currently completing preliminary engineering design, assembly, and financing for its projects in the Asia-Pacific and ASEAN structured project finance, construction - development and management sector, and other usages. In order to enter into agreements in environmentally friendly projects with particular emphasis on the structured project funding requirements of countries' programs with various government has entered into a contract with the private and public agencies of various governments respectively for the said infrastructure projects and finance 

for the said structured project funding program in various countries. In this respect, it is important to assist reforms in the economic and in the public infrastructure project system and promote economic and social infrastructure development with particular emphasis in the said infrastructure tollways and highway projects, power generation, biomass, coal-fired power plants agri-business, and fisheries, transportation transit system,  leading to the economic effects in providing modern and brand new transport systems 

and the said power generation and other related projects and of expanded employment for its people - - thereby assisting in economic growth and development of countries.


The 21st century will pose significant challenges to the world economy. They will emerge as cross-border, global issues such as in transit system, food supply, global environment, and poverty, and will spread to the developing countries as well as the industrial nations. It is at this juncture and such circumstances that MG Power Group has teamed up with various leading British - Europeans, 

Japanese, Koreans, and the ASEAN countries and with other international organizations - are vigorously engaging in international business cooperation, focusing on the transport system, alternative energy as well as, in industrial and agri-business development.


Responding to this concern, MG Power Group and its Financial - Development Team is stepping up its efforts to seek other co-participating technical and financial collaborators which also serve to raise the level of sophistication in the transport system as well as alternative energy, oil and gas, and other related industries and uplift the living standard of third world countries such as in Third World Countries, The Asia-Pacific, and  The ASEAN  Countries, and The Americas’ and the under-developed countries in particular.


In order to provide more effective and efficient technical and financial collaboration, which carries out in seeking collaborative efforts for technical, financial, and investment projects, MG Power Group are collaborating with both public and private financial and investment organizations particularly, in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Australia, United Kingdom. the United States of America and in other countries. At each stage of the process of drawing up preparation, Diamond Group’s Consultancy and Implementation Management Department and its staff are undertaking continuing specific studies and participates in a technical collaboration that monitors the progress of its projects. Recent cooperation has been further reinforced through the 

execution of detailed designs of MG Power Group projects through MG Power Group development studies; carrying out MG Power 

Group.’s training for its staff; and the dispatching of its specialists to  its overseas projects. In this way, MG Power Group - Eurocapital - 

Divolta Group is tackling the provision of the effective and efficient project undertaking through even closer collaboration with its 

co-participating and co-development organization. These relationships are also expected to play a vital role in structured project funding, sovereign guarantee funding and investments, financial services, credit card, and other financial services, leasing,  transportation, environmental, and social-economic sector issues.


MG POWER - DIVOLTA LLC  USA & UK Group  has held discussions with its co-participating partners and with major financial institutions and they are agreeable to lending and even investing in the proposed projects in various countries, and other countries in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia. Indonesia, , Mainland China, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, The Americas, and other MG Power - Divolta Group’s projects and have pointed out the renewed interest in such projects from major financial institutions, Trusts, Foundations, and other financial institutions.


Chronological History Capital and operational alliance
with its operations in the Asia Pacific
and the ASEAN Region 


The new medium-term business plan announced

The Eleven Transformation Initiatives identified to promote 

strategical initiatives aimed at realizing objectives of the 

Diamond Eurocapital Ltd. Re-Imagining Strategy

Integrate corporate structured project finance management services-related financial business of the Diamond Eurocapital Ltd. - Diamond International Capital Ltd.

Eurobancapital of America, Ltd., USA and Eurobancapital of Asia, Hong Kong rebranded to DIAMOND EUROCAPITAL

Strategic structured project funding - investment - development - management in the Asia Pacific and the ASEAN Region, and more particularly, in Europe 

and the United States of America.

Integration of its Asia-Pacific and ASEAN operations and Diamond Point Ltd.  

and Diamond Point Global Ltd. businesses in the United Kingdom and its 

European operations in the Isle of Man.

Capital and operational alliance with its operations in the Asia Pacific 

and the ASEAN Region

Initiated full-scale comprehensive financial services

in the ASEAN and The Asia Pacific Region as a key growth strategy initiative


Ensured the reputation for trustworthiness that DIAMOND GROUP enjoys among customers, which is backed by a longstanding track record and is maintained and passed on, underscoring the commitment of each director, partner, and employee.



Moved to "Diamond Point Ltd. company with three committees" structure"

Shifted from a "company with a board of corporate auditors, 

accountants, and legal team" structure to a "company with three-committees" structure, namely its Finance, Construction and Development, and Management, with the aim of establishing a more transparent and effective governance framework

Diamond Eurocapital - Diamond International Capital Corporate Governance 

Policies established




Diamond Eurocapital in partnership with Diamond International Capital 

Re-Imagining Strategy announced

The Diamond Eurocapital - Diamond International Capital Basic Policy for 

Fiduciary Duties established

The formulation of common guidelines for the Group to 

enforce its customer-first policy

Capital and business alliance with its partners in the Asia Pacific Region and 

The ASEAN countries 



September 08, 2021   


MG Power Oil & Gas,  A division of Mach Global Power International Trading & An affiliate of MG Power Group of Companies and Divolta LLC - USA Group Background and Strategic Rationale has viewed the  regional international trading business and financial services  business as an important business for the group’s strategy.


At the same time, given MG Power’s current business environment, including the need for increased oil and gas  trade - investments as part of international trading transformation, a certain scale is required to maintain and strengthen competitiveness. Under these circumstances, MG Power Group concluded that transferring our MG Power Group of Companies businesses, a major oil and gas trader - supplier from its joint-venture partnership oil and gas refinery in Kazakhstan and with other oil and gas refinery joint-venture partnership with major oil and gas  with the Kazakhstan Government owned oil and gas refinery and in other countries with a strong business foundation, including, in particular, its financial services division is the most appropriate decision that will lead to providing higher quality sale and supply of oil and gas and financial services to customers potential trading value. From the perspective of MG Power’s optimization of management resources in the current medium-term business plan, MG Power Group determined that the sale of oil and gas and the shift of focus to corporate transactions in the Asia Pacific and ASEAN Region, including in Mainland China, the Philippines, the USA, Europe, The African Region and with other countries will maximize the companies value through increasing of businesses, one of the major trade and sale of oil and gas and its financial services and structured project funding.

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