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Biomass  Energy

Biomass One LLC An ERG - MG-Diamond Group

The rich history of Biomass One LLC spans almost a 27-year history beginning as Electric Resource Group, Inc., (ERG) and JAXOR Development Corporation (JAXOR). In 1994, ERG’s first office was established in Los Angeles, California, The U.S.A. and then Eurobancapital of America, LLC at its own corporate office building, then, Biomass One - ERG - JAXOR further established its offices at its Westwood Boulevard Offices in Los Angeles, California, The U.S.A. while Eurobancapital further established its offices in Beverly Hills offices respectively. 1994, beginning its legacy in the United States as a provider of high expertise and service in a myriad of industries. After each company had developed numerous successful businesses, two companies merged and became ERG in 1996. 


Built upon the success of its parent firm, ERG - Mach Power - Diamond Group, a major American architectural, engineering, and development organization dating back to 1966, ERG - Eurobancapital - Diamond Group USA’s accumulated wisdom and experience are shared with strategic partners across diverse product lines, architecture, engineering, development, and trading firm.


ERG - Eurobancapital USA’s tradition of success and growth strengthens existing partnerships and will forge new ones well into the twenty-first century. Electric Resource Group, Inc. - JAXOR Development Corporation  (ERG Group) was established by its major founders - directors, Master Architect, D. Sam Scheele, Chairman - Director and Manoel B.  Banawa, Co-chairman - Director & CEO respectively.

Biomass One provides custom soil blending for Cannabis and Hemp growers. All our amendments are sourced for the quality and integrity of our base ingredients and final product. This allows us to create organic blends of the customers' choice.

We can provide a commercial soil mixer that provides a balanced and consitant blend. Select components of your choice and we’ll blend it to your specifications.

In addition, we have raw and finished products to suit all needs.Our soils are tested, balanced, and registered.

 Our Biomass One - ERG - Diamond MG Power Group reducing carbon emissions and slowing down the rate of climate change are some of the greatest challenges of our time – and the energy sector must do its part. One of our Power Group is constantly working to strike the balance between ensuring the reliability of supply and decarbonizing power generation – with the objective of ushering in an energy future that works for people 

and the planet. This  is the reason why we continuously pursue lower-carbon options, whether designing the world’s most efficient gas turbine or working to unlock the potential for utility-scale power generation of emerging fuel sources like hydrogen and ammonia.

MG Power - Diamond, offers a diversified line of recycling equipment systems that can be easily integrated into a single processing facility. From shredders to granulators to powederizers and refiner mills -- to auto crushers and balers/loggers, our engineers continuously develop products that meet the needs of your industry and application. But more importantly, our engineers will work with you to create a system that meets your particular needs. We can do this because we design and manufacture all equipment in-house, we test the equipment, and we install the equipment if desired to ensure high performance.


PICTURED: Master Architect D. Sam Scheele,Chairman - Director (3rd from left) and Manoel B. Banawa, Co-Chairman - Director & CEO (3rdfrom right) of the USA - based Electric Resource Group.Inc.- while in the middle between Sam & Noel is the CCP Chairman of Anhui Province,China and the Chinese Government Officials. The picture was taken 15 years ago at the Capitol Building in.Hefei City, Anhui Province, China.


banawa house 2.jpg

PICTURED: My daughter, Christine Banawa when she was just 7 years old in the year 2000 as shown in the picture in front of our owned offices in Los Angeles, California, The U. S. A. The Noel Banawa Owned-Office Building houses the Corporate Offices of the Biomass One - ERG - Eurobancapital - Diamond Group of Companies 

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